Plan yours
  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
  3. Friday
  4. Matterday
  5. Saturday

What if you had an extra day a week?

Netlify saves development teams a work day per week so they can spend that time on what matters.

What could you do with it?

That ambitious project10:00am
Take a nap2:30pm
Family funAll day
Forge a new path9:00am
Dance party3pm

Maybe you could slow down.

You first need time before you can “take your time.”

When you’re not in a rush, you can sweat the details, put in that extra bit of care and attention that takes things from good to great.

Smelling the roses can lead to inspired serendipity.

purple rose
purple rose
purple rose
blue rose

You could sharpen your focus.

With more time, less needs to happen at once.

So much benefits from devoted attention (and not just our work). We can spend more time on our health, our passions, and our relationships.

geometric shapes

The time really adds up.

How much total time are we really talking here?

One work day saved per week means 52 days (416 hours or 24,960 minutes) per year.

In that time, you could...

60 min+ 60 min120 min+ 60 min180 min+ 60 min240 min+ 60 min300 min+ 60 min360 min+ 60 min420 min+ 60 min480 min+ 60 min540 min+ 60 min600 min+ 60 min660 min+ 60 min720 min
addition machine

Watch all 9 seasons of The Office four times through.

a stapler stuck in a Jello mold
paper airplane
World’s Best Boss mug
a beet

Ride Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland 9,076 consecutive times.

rocket ship

Walk from Las Vegas, Nevada to Austin, Texas.

dashed, winding path from one marker to another

You could get more rest.

Afternoon naps 4 lyfe.

Just one more hour of sleep per day can significantly improve mood, productivity, and memory.


You could play.

Doing things just for fun can help us feel more motivated and creative in other aspects of our lives, too.

Like adding a Konami code Phil mode to your website, just as a random example.

LEGO brick
LEGO brick
LEGO brick
LEGO brick
cross stitch hoop embroidered with “Hello World” next to a spool of thread

You could take items off the backburner.

Matterday is the new “someday.”

Close those backlog issues, read that book, take that trip, learn that new skill.

a Trello todo list with “Someday” crossed out and “Now” as the new header, items on the list include Read new book, Crush tech debt, and Dream vacation

You could take big swings.

What kind of world do you want to make?

Maybe it’s a risky project, turning the ship at work, or finding a brand new path.

What could more time make possible?

a colorful donkey piñata
lots of pizza slices falling through the air